Vintage Harley Davidson Clothing

You don’t have to own a motorbike to know Harley Davidson. You don’t even have to like motorbikes. Yet you can’t deny there’s something undeniably cool about them, especially, Harley Davidsons. That’s why vintage Harley Davidson clothing is so sought-after. It has a cult following. We recognise this, that’s why we stock the best vintage Harley Davidson jackets, t-shirts and caps. For other big names from the USA, you may like our vintage Stussy and Vans collections.


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Revving up for Retro

The Harley Davidson brand represents feelings of camaraderie, belonging and confidence. It is a life-long love affair and retro and vintage Harley Davidson clothing is the perfect way to show your loyalty, as well as showcasing part of your identity. There is an avid audience for vintage Harley Davidson apparel. It’s said they get as much joy out of a vintage Harley jacket, as they do revving the engine of a Harley hog.

Honouring Harley Davidson

Our vintage Harley Davidson clothing collection is packed full of absolute gems. From vintage Harley Davidson vests for that badass biker look to vintage Harley Davidson leather boots that get cooler with age, there’s something for every motorcycle enthusiast. For a brand that's over 100 years old, the vintage Harley Davidson stuff just keeps coming, and we’ll keep stocking it because it’s just cool!

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