Men's Vintage Clothing: 60s

Swing into the decade in our collection of men's 60s clothing. Find tweed suits, tailored trousers, turtle necks and vintage denim jackets alongside authentic military jackets. Find your unique 60s piece today.


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Recreating 60s fashion 

From Jimi Hendrix’s repurposed military jackets to the hardcore Skinheads, the Peacock Revolution to the beginning of Flower Power - the 60s was something for everyone. 

Our collection of 60s clothing for men can provide the foundation for endless outfit options. Opt for a full 60s outfit with vintage tailoring & footwear or explore our authentic 60s designer vintage clothing. Browse original 60s vintage denim jackets, or pick out an original 60s suit and tailoring. Not to mention our large collection of vintage military jackets and Hawaiian shirts from this era.

Looking for more inspiration? Find your 60s male style inspirations in the Beatles, Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan.

Curating quality 60s clothing

Our curated selection of 1960s clothing for men aims to inspire individual style. And what better way to do that with quality secondhand clothing? No need to buy new when you can be assured that everything in this mens vintage clothing collection has been quality checked and laundered for you.

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