Men's Vintage Clothing: 90s

Not necessarily known for a distinct style but, with a combination of sub-cultures colliding, the 90s left us with some sensational clobber. Men’s 90s vintage clothing is relatively new on the scene and instant classics can occasionally surface in the form of vintage graphic tees and sweatshirts, vintage casual sportswear and double denim delights.


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90s Swagger

Men’s 90s vintage clothing has to be worn with a certain swagger. The Madchester scene in the north of Britain is responsible for a lot of what we now class and categorise as 90s vintage clothing. Although there were other influences like Hip-Hop, which brought wider jeans and snapback caps to the scene, and the rave culture which celebrated tight fitted nylon numbers, studded belts and platform shoes, much of what remains is inspired by indie rock and roll.

Nineties through to the Noughties

Men’s fashion from the late 80s, taking influence from the football terraces, followed on into the early 90s with polo shirts, Harrington jackets and drainpipe jeans all featuring. From here it was Britpop which captured a nation's imagination by imitating the attire of bands such as Blur, Stone Roses and Oasis. As a result, parkas, denim jackets and the RAF roundel were all recurring retro favourites. Men’s 90s vintage clothing now contains brands like Ben Sherman and Lacoste as they were popularised at the time.

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