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Breathe new life into a pair of vintage trousers. Get into the 70s spirit with bell bottom flares. Bang on some mens cargo trousers for a 00s casual look. Find an everyday classic from chinos to joggers. Browse our specialist collection of vintage military trousers or opt for reworked vintage trousers. Shop men's vintage trousers today.


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Find quality vintage mens trousers, for track to church

There’s something for everyone in this collection. Whether you’re looking to experiment with your style in cargo pants, vintage check trousers, or trying to find a pair of classic corduroy pants. Find all you need for your hike with The North Face or Arc'tyrex trousers (explore our Gorpcore collection for more hiking fashion). 

Each pair of vintage trousers has been handpicked by our teams in Canada and the UK. Our collection is filled with quality trousers, whether its our mens work trousers, vintage slacks, and branded tracksuit bottoms is quality. Choosing designer vintage trousers? We have a specialist in-house team which authenticates each item. 

Era's of vintage trousers 

Looking for a specific decade style? Use our filter to find the perfect pair, from 1940s to 2000s. We've got everything from 40s vintage suit trousers, 80s vintage denim jeans to unique 90s streetwear trousers. Find your style in our range of men's vintage trousers. 

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