Women's Vintage Sweatshirts & Hoodies

You can still borrow your partner’s but owning your own is much better. Away from cosy nights in, women’s vintage sweatshirts and hoodies are a resurging style statement that can be worn with pretty much anything. Be it a big name brand or a vintage classic, our women’s vintage sweatshirt and hoodie collection will have you sifting through Mickey Mouse sweaters to Tommy Hilfiger hoodies.


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Hooray for Hoodies

Who doesn’t love a vintage hoodie? They’re comfort, a pop of colour and plenty of character all in one. From sports brands like Adidas and Fila to designer brands like Ralph Lauren and Christian Dior our women’s vintage hoodies will have the impact you’re after.

Standby for Sweaters

Women’s vintage sweatshirts are steadily becoming a fashion favourite. Retro graphics and designs make them more than appealing to vintage shoppers - they are a must-have! As soon as our vintage sweatshirts arrive, it’s not long before they’re gone. So, if you see one you like, add it to your bag and checkout.

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