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Time to get suited and booted. Suits for men may not be hard to find, two-pieces with quality and style is a bit more tricky. Vintage suits offer both quality and style. Whether you’re looking for an everyday two-piece, a tuxedo for a black tie event, or a wedding suit, our collection has it.


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Quality tailoring for men

The suit has been a part of a man’s wardrobe for over a century and is a staple mens vintage clothing style. Evolving from a loose-fit 1940s mens suit to a double breasted 70s suit to the modern fitted suit. Filter by era to find a suit style in our second hand clothing collection. A quality vintage suit can last a whole lifetime and be passed down generations. Whether you’re looking for a classic British tweed suit, a silk lined suit, or a designer vintage suit from Dior and Vera Wang, quality comes first in this collection.


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