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Find Vintage Leather handpicked from across the ages. Shop vintage leather jackets, authentic military jackets and real leather designer accessories. Belt up in vintage leather. Or cop yourself a reworked vintage leather corset, handmade by Rokit Originals.


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The best of vintage leather

Choose your vintage leather style from our range of high quality leather clothing and accessories from the last century. Pick your style, whether it’s a vintage biker jacket or a leather blazer. Or take part in history with our collection of Aviation leather jackets. Filter by brand to find designer vintage clothing in this collection, with everything from bags, to second hand leather jackets, to belts.

Recycling vintage leather

It’s Rokit's mission to keep leather clothing in circulation. Leather is one of the strongest, most insulating, and durable fabrics there. With the right care, quality leather can last for over 100 years. Second hand leather pieces, whether it's a handmade leather bag, an 80s leather jacket, or authentic military clothing, are a lifelong investment. A lot of damaged leather comes to us too. We give this to our sister brand Rokit Originals to breathe new life into the leather.

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